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Disneyland California’s Youth Education Series

For groups of students to or more you have the opportunity to participate in Disneyland’s Youth Education Series or Y.E.S. program for short. These educational programs are available for students in grades 3-12.

These great programs combine fun and education to bring you a great experience in five separate fields. Go behind the scenes and see the secrets behind the Disneyland theme park, then spend the rest of the day enjoying the rides and attractions at the park!

Disneyland California Youth Education Series Programs include:

California Here I come! – For grades 3rd through 4th
Disney’s Animation Magic – For grades 3rd through 12th
Disney’s World of Physics: Energy and Waves – For grades 5th through 12th
Disney’s World Physics: Properties of Motion – For grades 6th through 12th
Disney Leadership in Action: Pursuit of Excellence – For grades 6th through 12th

California Here I Come!
Take a historical journey through the Disneyland California Adventure in this two and a half hour tour! Fully narrated by a park facilitator this tour is an informational look the lets students uncover the real life applications for the things they have learned in the classroom.

Disney’s Animation Magic
Disney has numerous classic characters, and with such creativity new movies are coming out all the time showcasing new magical tales. Well how exactly do these characters come to live in the movies? With Disney’s Animation Magic you will be walked through the process of bringing these characters to life!

Disney’s World of Physics: Energy and Waves
This tour is fully narrated by a park employee and takes you directly into the underbelly of the Disneyland California Adventure theme park. Explore the ways Disneyland has utilized light and sound to bring great rides to their guests!

Disney’ World of Physics: Properties of Motion
This tour lets you see first hand how Disneyland California has used the incredible world of physics to bring park guest incredible rides! Using demonstration and full narrated by a park facilitator this tour lets students view physics like never before!

Disney Leadership in Action: Pursuit of Excellence
Disneyland California has put a lot of effort into bringing you a fun and exiting theme park. Keeping this massive park in peak condition requires the employees to work together and utilize everyone’s unique abilities and values. Participate in team efforts and learn exactly what it means to work together!

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