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Discount Disney Convention Tickets

Coming to the Central Florida area for a convention? Then we can help you save money one not only your Disney Convention Ticket, but also the tickets of your family. That's right, if you or anyone in your group is going to a convention in Orange or Osceola County, Disney is offering discounted tickets for entry after 2pm and 4pm. That means you can go about your planned business during the day, and when you get let out, go with your friends and family to any Disney Theme Park for a reduced rate depending on your options.

For after 2pm tickets, better known as Disney Convention or Disney Twilight Tickets, you have all the same options a regular ticket offers for less than the gate price! It's important to mention that you can't get a Disney Convention Ticket at the gate, so call now to take advantage of our Discount Disney Convention Tickets. You should call our convention specialist as soon as possible to see about getting tickets for you and your family. All you need is proof of your attendence at an Orange or Osceola County Convention, whether on or off Disney, to grab this rare opportunity.

The more days you schedule for your visit, the more you will save on your Discount Disney Convention Tickets. Even if its just ten dollars off the original ticket price for two days, if your family of five is coming with you, that's already fifty dollars saved! And that's just the minimum discount, it's possible to save much much more with Discount Disney Convention Tickets lasting for three, four, or five days. There are also six and more day convention tickets upon request. So the savings are almost unlimited.

Aside from the powerful after 2pm Twilight Tickets, are the after 4pm tickets which are perfect for having a quick visit to the park after an especially long day at the event. Use your after 4pm ticket to visit any one park that evening and enjoy the savings. Our Discount Disney Convention Ticket for the after 4pm can save you around thirteen dollars off the similar 1-day after 2pm ticket. While you won't be given all the options, a 2pm may offer, it's a special ticket for a special set of convention goers. It's designed to be a very inexpensive way for you to visit the park for one night and enjoy your mini-vacation in the Orlando area.

Often, attendees will go to the convention, and then one night during their stay visit the Epcot Disney Theme Park and try some international favorites at some of the many critically acclaimed restaurants present. Being able to unwind after a long series of meetings, seminars, and presentations is invaluable to the modern professional.

*Theme park tickets are non-refundable.

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